The wooden cover functions as a wick which allows the aroma oil to diffuse into the air subtly. Extreme conditions may induce excessive volatility of the aroma oil thus shortening the scenting duration of this Wooden Aroma Diffuser.

Neutralize unpleasant odours and provide a delightful scent to the air of smaller indoor spaces such as:




Shoe Cabinet

Store Room


Usage Guide

1) Unscrew the wooden cover and remove the stopper in the bottle; screw  back the cover tightly.

2) Flip over the bottle for 3-5 seconds for the wooden cover to absorb the aroma oil (Repeat No.2 process once per week or when needed for the extra intensity of the fragrance.)

3) Secure and tie the string around the rod or pole of bathroom fittings/ wardrobe. For desktop, simply placed bottle in an upright position after inverting it.


Please do not fiddle with this Wooden Aroma Diffuser while driving for safety. Avoid contact of Aroma oil with any painted/ plastic surface or fabric to avoid staining. Flammable product, do not light and keep away from open flame. Keep away from children and pets.