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An unique water air purifying/revitalizing system which improves air quality for healthy living. The system consists of air Water Air Purifier/ Revitalizer/ Revitalisor/ Ionizer  with use of Antimicrobial concentrate for effective neutralization of micro-organisms which includes germs, bacteria and fungus.

For added therapeutic effects, it is used together with our Aromatherapy Essences in releasing pleasant scents together with essential oil properties for general well being.

How it works


  • Removes unfavourable odour & food smells

  • Eliminates airborne bacteria & germs

  • Effectively reduces & controls growth of fungi

  • Reduces smoke & nicotine

  • Ease allergies caused by dust & air contaminants

  • Effectively repels insects

  • Relieves stress & fatigue

Where to use

Office Spaces


Hotel Areas

Lecture Halls




Leisure Centres

Fitness Gyms

For Home and Office use

For Car use

For Computer and Portable use

For Batteries Operated use

Alternative Power Supply

Things to note

It is advisable to change water daily or at least every alternate day.  Add the aromatherapy essences again on the 2nd day of usage.  Do not submerge the top cover into water or wash under a running tap

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How to clean

Monthly Periodic Cleaning

Step 1: Switch off power and unplug the electrical cord.

Step 2: Lift off the top cover.

Step 3: Overturns the top cover, wipe remaining water around spinner/stirrer with a cloth.

Step 4: Hold the round base with one hand and turn spinner/stirrer anti-clockwise with the other hand.

Step 5: Clean and wash away dirt and scum trapped inside the stirrer.

Step 6: Fix back the spinner/stirrer and use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt around the surface.  The machine is ready for use again.

What is an air ionizer?

An air ionizer is a device which uses high voltage to ionize, or electrically charge molecules of air. These  machines can be designed either to generate specifically charged ions (all positive or all negative), or to create both polarities indiscriminately. Allergens such as dust, bacteria, mold, smoke etc which contains positive charge are bonded by negative ions produced by the ionizer. Once the particles have been bonded (opposites attract), it becomes too heavy to float around which can easily be inhaled. As a result, they become large pieces of dirt on the ground where they can be cleaned by normal means.

Studies had shown nature surroundings such as mountains and waterfalls produce large amounts of negative ions. It is no coincidence that throughout history, mankind has gone to these places to rest and recuperate, particularly from respiratory diseases.