An ultrasonic humidifier is one that uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra fine water mist that is then expelled to add moisture to the room . Some prefer this type of humidifier because it is considered safer in that there is no hot water present in the unit and therefore no risk of scalding as the unit does not heat the water in any way.  Since there is no boiling water process, an ultrasonic humidifier is quieter to operate.

However, as the water is not boiled to produce a mist. there is a risk of bacteria being present in the water (depending on the water source) and being discharged to the room.  Therefore, it is recommended to change the water regularly and add our Antimicrobial concentrate or Aroma concentrate (for use in humidifier) to eliminate bacteria in the water and create healthier and fragrant air.

*Note: For use in humidifier or water vacuum cleaner, please ensure the water container is made of Aromatic resistant plastic materials such as polyethylene terephtalate (PET) , high density ethylene (HDPE) plastic or equilvalent. If unsure, seek clarification with distributor / supplier of the humidifier or vacuum cleaner.

Models Available – Home/Office Use

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Recommendations for use and care

It is important to use a humidifier only when conditions require it, such as in a very dry environment where moisture is needed to relieve physical discomfort of dry nose, throat, lips and skin.

  • Fill tank with preferably distilled water or water with low mineral content such as reverse osmosis water to prevent build-up of scale.  Minerals in tap water may increase the development of crusty deposits, white dust or scale in humidifiers. Scale can be a breeding ground for micro-organisms, such as bacteria and molds. Breathing mist containing these pollutants is detrimental to health.
  • Regular cleaning of the humidifier is very important preferably daily or at least every third day. Always switch off and unplug the unit from electrical socket. Empty the tank and use a soft brush or scrubber to remove any scale, deposits or film that has formed on the sides of the tank or on interior surfaces.
  • Wipe all surfaces dry, refill the water and add our Antimicrobial concentrate which is specifically formulated for use in humidifier to deter growth and neutralise micro-organisms in the water tank.

Model Specifications – Home and Office Use

Model Specification – Car and Desktop Use

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