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Special Blends

/Special Blends


Relieves tension & fatigue mind with this lovely rejuvenating blends.

Fresh Linen

Clean & crisp aroma that is inviting & brings warm comfort to the environment.


Refreshing tropical fragrance that is delightful and promotes tranquillity.


This enticing scent evokes machoism & sense of exuberant and resilient strength of body and mind.


Helps calm tensions and brings happiness to the mind.


Melt away with this harmonious, soothing & pleasurable scent specially dedicated to your loved ones.

Odour Eliminator

A delicate blend that cleans, freshens the air of unpleasant odours & creates a delightful environment.


The lush and velvety cashmere scent fills the air and brings warmth & love to you.


Exudes an expression of joy which sparkles with floral-fruiti-ness with a touch of elegance & tranquility.


The robust, masculine & exhilarating scent will thrill you sensually.


A lush & captivating scent of great passion and pampering wellness endowed with mesmerizing beauty.


This euphoric scent will secretly uplift the virtuous, courageous and self-confident nature of oneself.

Pink Love

Special formulated for your loved ones for a mild, soothing and relaxing scent.

Sweet Dreams

A mild delightful scent which helps you to unwind and promote a good night sleep.


A stimulating & refreshing blend which is calming whilst infusing the air with a feeling of tranquility.

Hopeful Thursday

A pretty bouquet which brings an air of serenity to any space.


An exotic & masculine scent which exudes mystery and creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Wild Sugar

Some Sugar, Some Sweetness, makes your day pleasurable.

Delightful Saturday

Exudes a modern, sparkling and playful scent.


Eliminates cigarette smell & unpleasant odour.


Creates enchanting and serene atmosphere.

Pure Spice

A thousand spices spike up your day. Good for use in meditation.

Rosemary & Thyme

It is very invigorating & strengthens the mind.


Lovingly blended to bring you & partner a pleasurable feeling.


Uplifts the spirit and fill the environment with sweet smells of Christmas.


Blend of flowers for tranquility and extremely useful for relaxation.

Joyful Friday

Sexy, evocative and classy scent ever ready for the weekend.

Pampering Tuesday

A spirited floral scent of exceptional charm that surrounds you and makes you smile.


Bright and uplifting blend for bringing peace and nature into your living space.

Rejuvenating Sunday

Bringing a renewed sense of invigorating freshness amidst a warm and sensual relaxation mode.