Enjoy Aromatherapy Like Never Before With Our USB Aroma Diffuser!

• Elegant Design • Portable • Durable Aluminium Material

Elegant Design and Stunning Look

The beauty of this product is designed with consideration for a better using experience without compromising safety.

Convenient Design with USB Cable

Universal USB-A to MicroUSB Connectors allows seamless connection without worrying about proprietary design. Hence, it is compatible with most USB Ports.

Our diffuser furthermore compact and reduces space consumption.

Aluminium Alloy Case

Rigid Alloy Casing, Anti-corrosion

Tough on most corrosions with its durable aluminium casing and a grip that feels natural.

Compression Atomization

A revolutionary technology that exists to directly atomize the molecules in the oil without the use of heating or burning.

This allows the fragrance to spread quickly into the environment while maximizing the fragrance coverage and longevity.

Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong)

Our Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong) is part of our Aromatherapy Solutions and is made to work hand in hand with this device.

Specially formulated and made from botanical extracts.

Our oils are:

• Environmentally safe

• Non-toxic and non-pollutant

• Non-combustible

• Bio-degradable

• Alcohol free

Our Range Of Fragrances

We boast a whole of fragrances for you to choose from!

Depending on your personal preference, we have fragrances for various mood inducing or therapeutic effects!

Feel free to click below to find out more!

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A Cozier Environment

Our fragrances have a beneficial effect on stress, depression and will further enhance other positive factors like happiness, relaxation and stimulation.

Freshen Your Journey

Be surrounded with pleasant aroma as you drive while enjoying the aromatherapy benefits.

Use It Anywhere

Enjoy the convenience of pleasant aroma by using our diffuser with power bank while enjoying the aromatherapy benefits!

Structured Components


Step 1

Rotate the top cover counterclockwise to remove the base cover.

Step 2

Unscrew the glass bottle.

Step 3

Pour Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong) into the bottle and screw the bottle back.

Step 4

Ensure the base is securely fasten by rotating clockwise.

Technical Specifications

Product Size

(L) 45 x (W) 45 x (H) 120mm

Working Voltage




Power Cord Length



Aluminium Alloy/PC /PP/Silicone

Packaging Size

(L) 115 x (W) 57 x (H) 150mm


~ 0.6W

Packaging Weight