Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Come with one bottle of Reed Diffuser Refill (120ml)


Enhancing every moment everyday!


Perfect fragrance home decor

(Sea Shells)

Easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your enviroment


No smoke, drippy wax or the anxiety of burning candles.

The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the ceramic charms and scents are released naturally, enhancing every moment of everyday with splendid fragrance that last for weeks. (Depending on your surroundings)

Enhance the decor of any space you like. Ceramic aroma diffuser is not a fragrance diffuser and is also perfect as fragrance home decor. These wonderful diffusers are great for areas such as office, bed room, living area, bathroom, storage area, clothes/ shoes cabinet etc.


  1. Lift up the detachable ceramic figurine.
  2. Pour the diffuser fragrance into the ceramic vase.
  3. Insert the ceramic figurine into the vase.

Please note: Always set the ceramic aroma diffuser on a level top and void painted surface or fabric furnishings. Any spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid staining.



  1. Suitable for a room between 8.-12sqm.
  2. Refill fragrance every 2-3weeks.
  3. Rinse the ceramic diffuser with liquid soap or warm water and leave to dry before using another new fragrance.