The Tiare or Candolle flower, with its smooth perfume and its gorgeous white petals, represents the emblem of Tahiti. It develops itself according to a vegetal specific cycle to French Polynesia. Its jasmined fragrance reminds of exoticism, whereas its sweetness releases smoothness and delicacy…

More than a decoration plant, several curative virtues are attributed to it according to local pharmacopoeia, from the treatment of headaches (in soaking), to the treatment of the inflammations (in infusion)…

Resulting of this extraction process, the very refreshing floral water, carries the Tiare’s vertues and can widely be used in cosmetic area.

Manufacturing Process

The tiare flowers, picked up at a nearly mature status, are first sun dried before being distilled with steam water under atmospheric pressure without additive or chemical treatement. The floral water obtained will be purified by a sterilizating filtration and stabilized by the addition of a preservative.

Botanical board

Flower morphology

Main composition

Extraction ratio (w/w)



Steam water

Chemical compounds

Water-soluble volatile parts of the Gardenia tahitensis ( essential oil…) Dihydroconiferil acetate, benzoates,/ 2-phenylethyl salicylate…

Botanical informations


Gardenia tahitensis



Part of the plant used

Dried Flower

Morphological type

Small Shrub

Geographical area

French Polynesia (South Pacific)

Common name

Tiare, Siale, Tahitian gardenia, Mahoi…

Physical characteristics

Appearance, 25°C



Powerful, balsamic and lightly jasmined



Specific gravity, 20°C

0,98 – 1,02 kg/l

Solubility in water


Solubility in oil


Solubility in ethanol


Chemical characteristics


4 – 6


Potassium sorbate 0.3%

Bacteriological characteristics

Aerobic bacteria

<100 cfu/g

Yeasts – Moulds

<10 cfu/g

Volatile fraction study

Study of the hexanic concrete volatile composition of G.tahitensis , has been done by combination of fractionment methods (distillation, CG, CLB, CCM), spectroscopic analysis (GC/MS, GC/IRFT, RMN) and from syntheses which permited to identify more than 200 compounds.

Usage information

Skincare products

10 to 60%

Lotions & Tonics

40 to 85%

Floral Water

Pur or associated to different Floral waters

The Tiare, used in the traditional Polynesian pharmacopeia, is free from all toxicity when used within the advised cosmetics limits.


1. Soothing

2. Calming

3. Decongesting

4. Refreshing effect


5 / 25 kg :  jerrycan PE-HD

Cosmetic Uses

1. Face and body care formulations

2. Tonic and demake-up lotions

3. Sun waters

4. Refreshing sprays

5. Perfuming floral water


Store in a cool dry place in unopened containers away from sunlight.